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Cellulite Treatments

Smooth cellulite to create the look you've always wanted

If your skin has a dimpled, lumpy appearance, you’re probably dealing with cellulite. This common condition tends to affect the thighs and buttocks, though it can also appear in other areas. While it isn’t a health concern, cellulite can make you feel self-conscious — especially when you’re wearing more revealing clothing or swimwear.

At Tangerine, we use Acoustic Wave and Laser Lipo together for an optimal therapy treatment. By using a combination, this treatment not only treats cellulite but helps with collagen production and rejuvenates a smoother and tighter appearance.   This provides real, measurable results! 

Acoustc Wave

Acoustic Wave Therapy

Using ultrasonic waves to eventually provide a smoother contour by breaking the fibrous tissue down and relaxing the septae.


Increase firmness and elasticity of the skin

Stimulate blood circulation and collagen production

Restore elasticity of skin and connective tissue

Completely safe technology with no side effects

No downtime

Tones and tightens

Package pricing 

  • 8 pack : $900 (2x per week)

  • pre paid voucher link

Combination package pricing 

 Acoustic Wave + Laser Lipo

  • 8 pack : $1500 (2x per week )

  • pre paid voucher link

Combination treatments : How it works​

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to get rid of deep cellulite.  While Cavitation and Laser Lipo can work on lighter or surface cellulite easily enough, getting down into stubborn, deep pocket cellulite takes some commitment. In order for optimal results, this needs to be done twice a week, for several weeks. Even after the last treatment it will continue to improve over several months as the new collagen fills in stronger and thicker.


Acoustic Wave Therapy disrupts the hardened fibrous septae, restoring natural elasticity to the skin. The underlying skin is thickened, which stops the dimply skin from appearing, whilst also mechanically breaking down fat cells. The whole process improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage, further increasing the action of the ultrasonic waves.

Each session of this treatment has no downtime, and the amount of treatments you would require varies dependent on the severity of your cellulite. On average, between 6 to 15 treatments are required for optimum results. But, keep in mind, this combination is a commitment. It will need to be done twice a week for its best results. 

When in combination with Laser Lipo, the Acoustic Wave is a pulse that helps with loosening the anchor tissue that pulls the divot down into the skin, and the Laser Lipo works on disrupting the fat deposits on the top layer of the skin that appears “lumpy” and tightening the skin.


Used together, this treatment not only treats cellulite but helps with collagen production and rejuvenates a smoother and tighter appearance.   This provides real, measurable results!

Exilis Ultra

Exilis Ultra

Temporarily Unavailable

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  • Simple procedure requiring no  recovery time.

  • Produces long-lasting results.

  • Helps to smooth the top layers around the cellulite to reduce the appearance.

  • You’ll see tighter, smoother skin.


Package pricing 

  • single session: $325

  • 5 pack : $1500

  • pre paid voucher link

Combination package pricing 

 Acoustic Wave + Exilis Ultra

How it works


During an Exilis Ultra 360 treatment, controlled radiofrequency energy heats the deeper layers of your skin. This heat tells your body to create new collagen and elastin proteins while stimulating cell turnover. Ultrasound energy also facilitates the production of collagen, but it also helps remove topical fat cells, lifting and smoothing the tissue in the treatment area.

Exilis Ultra 360 alternates between warming and cooling temperatures during the treatment. This approach protects your tissue and allows for a deeper treatment session. The temperature of your skin is controlled and monitored during the entire process, ensuring the highest level of safety.

As a skin tightener, this is more advanced, and goes deeper than the traditional radio frequency. This is best for skin over 45 years old, as natural collagen and elasticity begins to decline. The Exilis can be used on almost any area of the body, but is most commonly used to tighten the skin of the face and jawline. It can treat drooping eyelids, bags under the eyes, loose neck skin and wrinkles on the decolletage area.  But it can also be used anywhere there is sagging or crepey, including breasts, hands, forearm and knee.


Exilis can also be used to treat stubborn fat areas on the body, like the double chin, back fat/ bra lines, male pec tissue, thighs, abs, upper arms and even the upper knee area.  It is perfect for contouring the hip and waist line to give a nice hourglass shape. And taking care of Cellulite!


Before your appointment:  Drink 64 ounces of water per day, starting 1 day prior to your treatment, and at least 3 days after. The treatment area must be free from hair. (gentlemen, a “day of” shave is best.) Wear clothing that can access your treatment area easily. ( example, a low scoop neck tank top or sports bra for neck, chest, or arms.)

Please note:

While Exilis is safe for men and women of all skin types, there are some contradictions that can exclude people from using this technology. We are unable to treat you if you have the following:


  • Active cancer or cancer treatments

  • Pregnant or Nursing

  • Some auto-immune diseases like Scleroderma ,MS, Lupus. Any that increase inflammation.

  • Skin irritation, open wound or active rash



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18 sessions

10 sessions.

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